Monday, November 22, 2010

Quick update

It is Monday and we are still in the hospital.  Lucia had a great day yesterday, but today her heart is racing.  Most kids have a heart rate of 120-130.  An acceptable heart rate for Lulu is from 140-160, a very fast heart rate for her is 160-180.  Hers has been 200-210 for a few hours now.  Doctors are very concerned with how hard it is working, especially with the large hole in it.  Also, because of the high heart rate, it is causing her to spike a fever. 

We were hoping to get out of PICU today, at least to make it onto "the floor", where she would be less monitored..and that would pave our way home...but I think that may have been wishful.

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy.


  1. Ramia, fr. Anthony and especially Lulu, we are keeping you in our prayers. May God give you all the strength to get trough this.
    Darine and family

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  3. You have my prayers and love as always Lulu, Ramia, and Fr. Anthony. I think about yall every day and hope that yall will be home and comfortable as soon as possible!

  4. You have my heartfelt prayers. An infant in the hospital, especially in PICU, is always difficult. I wish we could help you in some way. Lucia is a fighter and we pray for her continued strength, and yours too. You all mean so much to us.
    Love and prayers

  5. I hope and pray for you little Lulu. I read these blogs and I am slowly getting to know you and my heart is touched. As I type, I cannot control my emotions. I wish I could hug you, hug your wonderful mother, and hug your father since I cannot explain in words how I feel. A really tight bear hug may be able to explain. I love you baby Lucia and your in my prayers.
    Taroub Delgado
    The Delgado Family loves you too too much (As my daughter says it)

  6. Khouria,
    Sh. Josie Long shared the link to your blog. St. John the Forerunner parish in Austin, TX is praying for you all, and reading Lucia's name at every Liturgy. I know you probably do not feel strong, but I can see that the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is sustaining you. I am touched by your honesty and genuine faith, and praying that Lucia will get to come home with you soon.

  7. Love and prayers for Lucia, Ramia, and Fr. Anthony!!! Lord have mercy.